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Ready-to-use, ready-to-wear websites!

When it comes to create your website, there is no time to waste. RAPIDO provides you with a wide DIVERSITY OF READY-TO-USE WEBSITES to get you off the ground quickly. If your needs are too specific, we can design CUSTOMIZED SITES for you.

  • Beautiful designs from world experts in the field.
  • Websites designed and compliant with your fields of activity while adapting to tablets and phones
  • The almost immediate online availability of your website after collecting your information
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frequently askedquestions

01how does the annual billing method work?
In this mode, the payment is unique for the first year. You will only pay the annual fee in subsequent years.

In this mode, payment must be made every month from the date of delivery of the site, for one year.

You will only pay the annual fee the following years.

There is a payment method in 2 times (50% on order and 50% on delivery). You can choose it in the order form.

You must click on the ORDER THIS WEBSITE button, then follow the 3 steps that will appear. It's super simple!

All mobile payment operators active in your country are priced. You just have to enter the phone number that contains the amount of money to pay and that's it!

Credit card payments are also accepted!

We provide you with a real website made by human hands and not scripts (robots) as is the case with others.

Our sites come with an administration interface that will allow you to modify the content of your website at any time without needing a professional

Our data collection method is very simple (MS WORD file) which limits the efforts on your side. To have a website at RAPIDO, all you have to do is choose the site template that suits you and provide the content (in an MS WORD file).

Elsewhere you must in addition to this try without being a professional of the thing, to make your own website, which is dangerous for the final result!.

Moreover, having understood this, they also offer you to pay for a professional from their platform to do it for you, yet they claimed from the outset that it is you who were going to build your website and in a very short time. Result to be satisfied you have to pay twice for the same service, which is disastrous!


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